BODY WASH BIGALICO Bitter orange | Cedar wood | Sweet licorice The fragrance begins from the bitter citrus of Bigarade orange, soaked in moisture from a cold shower in early summer. When the dark green skin is peeled off, bursting sweet fruit flesh spills over into the air. Cedarwood, the calming and fragrant aroma notes, blend with the sweet a subtle taste of licorice, leaving an intimate and deep lingering aftertaste. BODY WASH NIMBUS Donut peach | Fresh young coconut | Cozy musk The rich and sweet scent of Donut Peach reminds a cozy tiny rain cloud. The soft freshness of the first touch of the young coconut shell spills over into the buttery peach as a nuance of elegance. The naturally clean and warm reverberation of Musk makes a pleasant start and end of the day. BODY WASH FOG Misty forest | Wet wood | Cashmere wood Like a fresh dew on a pine tree, the chill scent of juniper brings up the image of a foggy early morning. Soft cashmere woody notes from the rain-wet trees infused with a sense of calming comfort from nature. ODY WASH STORM Grass smell | Deep orange | Vetiver roots’ crispness Sharp-greeny of galbanum and smoky wood of vetiver, the odd is reminiscent of the fresh air after a strong storm. Juicy orange relieves tension, bittersweet reverberation of soft vetiver root evokes a delicate sense of breath.

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